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Dump the Junk® ‘Whole-Health’ Curriculum K-4

Dump the Junk is designed to equip teachers with an effective tool to help children learn. It’s no secret that a vast majority of children today do not get adequate exercise, are poorly nourished and lack the proper attitudes to succeed socially, academically and personally.

How can you teach math, science, reading, language skills and geography to a child that can’t sit still, whose mind is not functioning at its peak, which lacks adequate self-esteem and exhibits unhealthy social behavior?

Dump the Junk is a unique and proven curriculum that provides teachers with a daily whole-health lesson covering three areas:

These three components provide the building blocks upon which learning can thrive.

Incorporating Dump the Junk into your school’s curriculum routine, you are providing an essential foundation to enhance your children’s ability to effectively learn in all areas of study!

This program is flexible and incredibly easy to use, allowing each teacher to adapt the program to meet the needs of his or her students. The curriculum offers a complete school year of lesson / activities divided into three sections covering the three components of the program: exercise, nutrition and attitude. It is recommended that each week, at least one lesson / activity be used from each of these three areas.

Scope & Sequence

Here is an overview of the lesson/activity summary for each of the three areas covered in the curriculum. Each of the three segments of lesson/activities is divided into 9-week units.The lessons will be age-appropriate and targeted to connect with 5-9 year olds.

Exercise-Power Up!
Dump the Junk exercises and activities are designed to work different muscle groups and stimulate agility, good circulation, eye-hand coordination and most importantly, to be fun! A key goal of Dump the Junk is to encourage children to get up and move…to make regular exercise and physical activities a part of the daily regimen. There are many aspects of physical fitness, but this program will focus primarily on three core areas:

  1. Aerobic –to strengthen the heart and lungs and maintain optimum weight, muscle tone and bone strength.
  2. Weight-bearing –to increase bone density and strengthen muscle integrity.
  3. Hand-eye coordination –to enhance the development of fine motor skills, so crucial to the learning process as to the successful participation in a wide variety of athletic, artistic and household activities.

Nutrition - Fill Up!
Good nutrition begins at home and many parents lack even the most basic understanding of how to prepare meals that are nutritious. A key component of the nutrition lessons will be the take home papers.

Dump the Junk nutrition lessons will help educate the parents.

  • UNIT ONE (Lessons 1-45) - Eating Good Food Makes My Body Work Right.
    - Provides a basic understanding of the Food Pyramid, the concept of healthy vs. unhealthy eating habits, and will teach the value of complex carbohydrates for energy while also warning the students about the destructive effect of sugar.
  • UNIT TWO (Lessons 46-90) -Who needs Candy When You Have Fresh Fruit.
    - Children will enjoy learning about what their grandparents ate, what Olympic athletes eat, and also the value of eating a variety of colored fruits and vegetables.
  • UNIT THREE (Lessons 91-135) - Beans Are Beautiful, and My Body Agrees.
    - This unit discusses a variety of food choices, such as beans, whole grains, pasta, bread and the Super 19.
  • UNIT FOUR (Lessons 136-175) - Fiber Is Fantastic and Filling.
    - Covers a variety of topics, focusing on the immune system, the power to say “no” to unhealthy choices including a lesson on the dangers of chemicals, alcohol, and drugs.
Attitude - Think Up!
Having the right attitude is a key to effective learning not just in personal health but in all areas of life.
  • UNIT ONE (Lessons 1-45) - My Attitude Affects How I Feel and How I Behave.
    - Children will learn what an attitude is and why the way they think about things is key to their health and ability to learn.
  • UNIT TWO (Lessons 46-90) - Kindness Means Showing Others That I Care About Them. - Focus on key attitudes that foster positive relationships with others and help children learn the meaning of respect and an appreciation for our differences.
  • UNIT THREE (Lessons 91-135) - I Will Work Hard Until the Job Is Done.
    - Focusing inward on the attitudes that inspire excellence, this unit will create in the children a desire to excel in every way.
  • UNIT FOUR (Lessons 136-175) - It’s Important to Give Our Best Effort All the Time, Every Time.
    - Help children grasp the reality of their power to make good choices and to reap the consequences (positive or negative), of the choices they make. Children will learn how to set healthy boundaries.

Sample Lessons:
Below are samples of teacher aids/forms that will be provided to facilitate each aspect of the curriculum so that it is integrated seamlessly into the school environment.




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