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Listen to a Podcast by Dr. Joe on Childhood Obesity
from the Jesse Peterson Radio Show
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Feel free to browse through our website and learn of what we have to offer in terms of articles and programs that support improving our kid’s health, family health and fitness programs and healthy tips for eating, exercising and developing a positive attitude.

We realize that childhood obesity is a major Problem that our kids throughout America, are facing today. Additionally, there is evidence of premature illnesses such as; elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes, etc. seen in our pre-teen and teen children. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between children who are physically active, eat a healthy diet and learn to develop a positive mental attitude and improved academics. 

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To ensure the future of our kids health and academics, we all need to roll up our sleeves and as a team, put an end to the problem of childhood obesity, health related problems and poor academics. Let’s all be a part of the Solution!

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Source: National Association of State Boards of Educations’ Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn: A School Healthy Policy Guide



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